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Chamomile Tea Pekoe by Wulfie-IceFox
Chamomile Tea Pekoe
This lovely girl belong to :iconneoncookies1234: and is a closed pony species she created that is based off of tea.

Art © :iconwulfie-icefox:

Character and species © :iconneoncookies1234:
Kokku by Wulfie-IceFox
This is Kokku. He is a species spin off of the ponies in my little pony known as Shadowlings. This race was created by someone I know on facebook and this was my first of that species. His specialty is cooking.
Sweet Cuts by Wulfie-IceFox
Sweet Cuts
I'm gunna start uploading a bunch of my little pony art so be warned guys, I got quite a bit coming XD

This is Sweet Cuts. She's my main ponysona. Like me, it took her a while to find her destiny, cosmetology, like me. She's like me in everyway, though she's a bit more girly where I'm a bit more boyish. She's almost like Rarity in the sense that she adores fashion, though, as said before, her specialty lies in the styling of mains and tails. She owns a salon in Canterlot and caters to some of the most famous ponies, including Celestia and Luna sometimes.

Pony and art are all mine, though I did reference a base to draw her.
Yukiro new ref by Wulfie-IceFox
Yukiro new ref
Here's a new ref of my sona, Yukiro Tsune. Her hair has been changed, but that's it.

coloring/design/character © me
Lines © Something-Awful on FA…
Star Shine by Wulfie-IceFox
Star Shine
This is a shadowling, a creation from someone I know on facebook.

'id like to tell you about a few things of my own creation, that hopefully i hope will be used by you amazing people! it opens up whole new areas and places to roleplay in as well as for some possibly really interesting art. for starters, lets starts with the new dimension that i have created. the dimension is named Darlentia. Darlentia is a dimension that is parallel to equestria. Darlentia is very dark to non natives, any one from equestria that ends up in Darlentia, must where a pair of specially designed goggles in order to see normally, when a pony wheres these goggles, they are able to see just as they would be able to in equestria. Its in habitated by creatures very similar to ponies, called shadowlings. this brings me to the next couple things, shadowlings themselves, and their society . first we shall start with society as not much needs to be Said,. shadowling society is much like equestrian society. now onto shadowlings. shadowlings come in four familiar variaties that we all know, earth pony, Pegasus, unicorns, and alicorns. they however have different names in Darlentia. earth ponies are called land walkers, Pegasus are called sky keepers, unicorns are called magic watchers, and alicorns are called wise ones. my oc that i have created in Darlentia, is the celestia of Darlentia, whose name is prince Darkholm. now i will give a brief description of what a shadowling looks like. shadowlings look like ponies in equestria with three major differences, the first being that they are monochromatic, and they most commonly come in three colors, black, red, and grey. other colors are heard of but are extremely rare. the second is that they all wear a intricate necklaces. these necklaces serve two purposes. the first purpose is that each necklace is unique because it helps distinguish shadowlings from one another. the second one is that each necklace has a pendant in the middle that serves as the shadowlings cutie mark, which they call destiny amulets. when a shadowling has not discovered its special talent its a blank disk, once they have found it it changes shape via a not yet explainable process, to represent that talent. the third is just that they are on average simply shorter then ponies in equestria the tall ones are about the height of the average pony in equestria. now on to Darlentia itself, its has only five settlements, one in the north, Icewill, one to the east, Salt Harbour, one to the south, Sandy Dunes, one to the west, Mountain Hold, and the capital city in the middle of the other four, Crossroads. Darlentia is vastly unexplored. the western regions are mostly foothill and high mountains. the north is frozen over. the east is the coast at the edge of the sea. the south is a vast desert, and the area in between is a very large forest. travel between the equestria and Darlentia is difficult, but possible. also should a shadowling find its way into equestria, it would have to wear the goggles in order to see. anyways make your own shadowling. send them to me. i would love to see them.'

Star Shine is a Magic Watcher that teaches young magic watches to use their magic. His amulet is gold with a grey star in it and he is quite feminine.
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Sooooo....random update for anyone who bothers following me << >>

I been doing random into a new game, Wartune. Made a guild, got fairly decent leveled, got bored, went back to Second Life, anyone who plays, my sn is XxKooriKitsunexX.....hmm....still workin my boring job at Dollar tree, crappy hours and even crappier pay.....trying to get my license so I can go to cosmetology school for hair styling and between my schedule and mom's, that's not the easiest thing to do...umm....we got a new kitten, albino, super crazy, parents named her Casper(even though I wanted to go with Shiro) hmmm....that's about it....later.


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Crafty Kitsune
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am, as my tag says, like a wolf. Calm and protective of my friends and family, yet loving and a down-right snuggle bug when I wanna be.

Current Residence: in my mind hiding from the penguins and the stick
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: anime
Favourite cartoon character: Shadow the Hedehog
Personal Quote: I'm stuck in the middle cuz hell's afraid I'll take over and Heaven won't let me

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